Why Us?

There are hundreds of clothes alterations businesses in Dublin- why should you choose alterationsdublin.com?

picture clothes alterations service in Dublin Ireland

    • Quality

Quite simply because ours is the only clothes alterations service in Dublin provided by professional sample machinists and seamstresses. This is the highest standard of machinist, and requires 15 years to reach this level of expertise. It is they that are entrusted to create the sample, that holy garment from which all others are then created in its image…

    • Reputation

alterationsdublin.com is the sampling service of choice for some of Ireland’s leading fashion designers. We have earned their trust because we don’t cut corners on quality -we only employ dedicated seamstresses with a minimum of 12 years factory experience to work along side our sample machinists.

    • Convenience

In a handy location in south Dublin City, with free parking at an intersection of main commuter routes, we specialise in ladies and gents occasion wear, formal wear and bridal wear alterations. We have a large private dressing room because we prefer to see the garment on every customer before we make our alteration measurements.

    • Pricing

Quality doesn’t have to come at a cost though, our prices are as keen as our passion for creating great clothing. Check out our great value clothes alterations service prices! ┬áN.B. Initial consultations and quotations are both free.

There is no finer service for clothes alterations in Dublin today.

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