Our prices are keen, but it is our attention to detail that earns us our customers’ continuing loyalty – Prices From:

Shirts & Blouses

Shirts/blouses shortened €15Photo of spools of thread on prices page
Shorten shirt cuff from €20
Sleeves shortened from €15

Skirts & Dresses

Hem on skirts from €16.50
Skirt zips from €16.50
Hem on dress from €16.50
Dress zips from €16.50
Lift shoulder on dress from €16.50
Take in sides of dress from €17.50


Hem from €30.00

Jackets & Coats

Jacket zips from €25
Shorten cuff on jacket from €25
Shorten jacket/coat Hem from €30
Suited jackets shortened from €30
Sewing buttons €1.50 per button

Jeans & Trousers

Waist in/out jeans from €20
Waist in/out trousers from €16.50
Trouser zips from €16.50
Trousers tapered from €16.50

Regular alterations services just can’t match the quality of work provided by our sample machinists & seamstresses.

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