Wedding Dress Alterations

wedding dress alterations in dublin ireland

Handing over your gown for wedding dress alterations requires TRUST!

We have the specialist equipment and many years experience of customising and creating high end bridal gowns for our Dublin based clients who demand perfection.

The Irish team at can be relied upon to handle your wedding dress alterations by adjusting them to the exact fit that suits your body shape flawlessly.

Our seamstresses and dress makers have many years of experience, creating bespoke bridal gowns and wedding dresses from scratch. In fact we are so skilled that we create bespoke wedding dresses from nothing more than a sketch and your measurements!

So when it comes to performing customised wedding dress alterations on your pre-made bridal gown, we have the skills and industrial quality sewing equipment required to deliver to you the highest quality garment possible.

Our team have worked in a number of sewing positions in Dublin, for example in Hickeys bridal department, as sample machinists, and as custom dress makers, so you can trust us with taking accurate measurements and altering your wedding dress to fit you perfectly, with a minimum of fuss.

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